website for rent

We give you a few reasons why you shouldn’t consider renting a website, but invest in its creation.

Renting a website for a certain amount of time may seem like a comfortable and convenient choice, in reality it is a decision that could cost you dearly, especially in the long run. The website is your online showcase and you should have the right to own it forever, without having to pay an annual fee to keep it active.

Rental of a website makes you completely dependent on the agency that carried out the work. If you do not renew the contract, from time to time, you risk losing all the work already done. The maintenance costs increase from year to year and you will thus have to pay much more than what you would have paid with the direct purchase of the site.

Choosing instead to purchase the website guarantees you complete control over your online space allowing you to have extreme management freedom and to make changes and updates without having to pay extra. An extremely beneficial element is the certainty that the website is Yours. Forever.

Choose to invest in your online future and buy your own personal website.

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