Website maintenance: why?

Maintenance: What is it for? The maintenance of a website is an extremely important element that allows you to constantly monitor it, keeping it updated and safe. This will ensure that the site is always in good condition, with a continuous growth in traffic and increasing visibility on search engines. Furthermore, a well-maintained and updated […]

A website is a full-fledged advertising space

Unlike classic advertising methods, a website represents a showcase , an advertising space in which you can say and show everything about you and your work . No longer like the usual advertisements, temporary and uncommunicative, the website is yours forever and you decide how and when to manage it. Don’t have it yet? Web […]

Food delivery Website: Conveniently order food from home

Have you ever evaluated the importance of a site for food delivery? Do you need your customers to receive food comfortably at home theirs? Problem You have a food business and you want to start offering a food delivery service as well. Solution Webalo! We create websites tailored to your needs to allow your customers […]

Multilingual Webites: its importance in websites

Multilingual sites actually show the same content translated into different languages ​​on the various pages. To ensure that visitors orient themselves in the best possible way and find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible, it is important to create a site that immediately offers a clear and intuitive overview of the […]

Indexing: The visibility of your business on the web

Everyone, nowadays, uses search engines to find on the web the service we need most or we need information and this happens thanks to the indexing phenomenon. If your business is on the web it can easily reach a large number of people through indexing and the right positioning techniques. It could, right away, get […]